Wholemeal Buns Galore (Sausage, chocolate, raisin, butter sugar rolls)

Craving for some buns. Hot hot buns. Decided to make some wholemeal buns and try out Christine’s method to roll in the ingredients.

First off, pictures to make you jealous. 😉

I skipped the egg wash today cos well. Some things are going on at home and I’m not entirely in the mood anymore (but I already got started on the dough, might as well finish it right!)

Recipe adapted from bakeforhappykids.


100g Tang Zhong (100g water, 20g bread flour. Directions below)110ml water
1 large egg
40g raw caster sugar
5g salt
210g bread flour
150g wholemeal / whole wheat flour
15g milk powder
1 1/2 tsp instant dry yeast
50g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
egg wash: 1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk to brush before baking

To make the Tangzhong Roux:

1. Mix the flour with water until all flour dissolve and no lump.

2. Cook in low-medium heat and keep stirring, if you have a thermometer, cook the water roux up to 65C or until you can draw a ribbon on the batter. This amount is just right for this batch of dough.

3. Transfer to bowl and cool down, cover the water roux with cling wrap to prevent surface dried out.

Directions for bread:

4.  Put all ingredients into bread maker according to instruction. I tried to mix up the order and it didn’t really affect the end product much.

5. Transfer to clean floured working surface, gently deflated the dough and squeeze all the air out. Divide dough into circular portions of your fancy. Cover with a damp cloth and rest for 40 minutes. (Remember to wring it dry!)

6. Line your baking tray with baking paper in the meantime. 

For Sausage buns,

– Flour a clean dry surface and knead dough into a long tube like (approximately 40cm), roll around the sausage with seal face down. 

For the other buns,

For other buns that require rolling, pull out your rolling pin and let’s get cracking.

– Remember to dust your dough with a little flour to prevent it from sticking to the pin. Leant my lesson the hard way :/

– Now time to look at how Christine did it. 

– I added my ingredients at stage 3, after I rolled out the dough and flattened it. Sprinkle your chocolate chips, raisins or whatevs at stage 3 then fold it in and follow suit. If you decide that you want more raisins or whatnots, add somemore at stage 6!

For the butter sugar rolls,

add in some cold butter at stage 3 and 6. Not too much, if not it will leak out of the bun. Also, learnt the hard way. Don’t worry about the sugar, you’ll do that later.

7. After that, let your buns rest. Cover with cling wrap or wet towel and rest for 30-60 minutes until double in size.

8. Pre-heated oven to 180 degree C

9. Bake for about 20 minutes until golden brown.

10. Take the buns out and brush whisked egg on surface of the rolls. Bake for another 5mins. (For the butter sugar rolls, brush melted butter on the surface of the bun and then sprinkle fine sugar over it. If you want to, you can halt the baking and take it out at the last 3mins to repeat this step to get more sugar coated on your bun.)

11. When done, take the buns out of the oven and transfer to rack and let it cool down.

Bon appetit. 

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