Chicken Floss

The day was spent doing lots of random stuff. We wanted to head into Malaysia, but it was a little too late to set off (9am. Irony right). So we started the day with some Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at New Bridge Road before heading to Chinatown Point to stock up on some random frozen food at Song Fish.

Came back and we started to work on

1. Bak Kwa
2. Sushi
3. Chawamushi
4. Chicken Floss (+ stock)

Let’s start off with the awesome one, chicken floss. Adapted from everybodyeatswell.

She used the jam function on a breadmaker, but I realised only after I started that I do not have that function on the breadmaker. So manual it is.

Chicken floss, here we go.

chicken floss!


900g of chicken drumstick with bones
1 litre of water
2.5 tbsp fish sauce
5 tbsp fine sugar
0.5 tbsp dark soya sauce2
.25 tbsp water
1/4 tbsp seaseme oil 
1/2 tbsp five spices powder


1. Boil the chicken drumstick in 1litre of water till the bone can easily be removed from the bones. You can use the stock for your noodles or whatevers.

2. Drain the chicken meat and air dry for a bit.

3. Place the deboned meat into a thick plastic bag and press flat.

4. Place the flattened meat into a kitchen mixer (cake mixing) and turn it to low speed. This will help to separate the meat and get it to an even more shredded state.

5. Mix the remaining seasoning in another bowl and add it to the shredded chicken.

6. Heat a pan and fry the meat till dry and crispy.

7. Let it cool before putting it into a container. For all you know, it may already be gone before it gets into one.

Best with bread, rice or porridge! Yum.

Tadah, your homemade chicken floss!

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