German Cookies

Cos I had a very tiring day at work.

A little break from it all, German Cookies.

(In picture: Chocolate, Chocolate almond, some plain ole vanilla and green tea)

Recipe adapted from FC Ng’s, taken from SHC.


Butter 250g
Icing sugar 95g
Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp

Potato flour/starch 250g
Cake flour 150g
Milk Powder 1/2 tbsp

Matcha powder 8g
Chocolate powder
16g Almond flakes, broken into small chunks, a handful


1. Beat (A) till fluffy
2. Sieve the powders in (B)
3. Mix in (B) to (A).
4. Separate it into 3 separate doughs. (I did this cos I wanted 3 flavors – chocolate, chocolate almond and green tea)
5. If you want to have 3 flavors too, mix your green tea into one part of the dough and your chocolate powder with the other two parts. You are going to have to mix it well and then spilt your chocolate dough into two again. One part will have almonds in it, another will not.
6. Regardless, put all the dough in the fridge for 20min
7. Take it out of the fridge and form the dough into round balls.
8. Arrange on baking sheet and use fork to flatten it. You might only be able to do this well when the dough has soften a little, else it will stick to the fork.
9. Bake at 160°C for 20min.

If you turn the cookie round to the other side and it’s still damp below, pop it into the oven and let it bake for another 3mins at 200°C.

Here you go. German Cookies for Chinese New Year. 🙂

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