Assam Fish

My dad bought tosai. I am not a fan of tosai, cos it makes me uneasy that it tastes like pancakes that has gone bad.

As I was drowning my tosai in equally sour curry, I had that sudden craving for assam curry vegetables. Not the fish, the vegetables. And when you get it outside, at the economical rice stall, it lacks flavor (cos of the lack of meat), or from the other places that sell you a whole pot of fish head curry, there’s too much meat, too little vegetables.

So here’s my solution.

To cook it myself. Duh.

Curry for cheaters.

image from saymykitchen, mine was gone once it was done. Hungry girl. Oops.

1 packet of A1 Assam Fish Curry Paste
1 whole onion, chopped
2 garlic clovesm chopped
1 tomato, diced
1 packet of ladies finger, cut into stalks of
1.5inches long1 brinjal, cut it up
1 carrot, cut into
0.5cm thick
15 stalks of french bean, cut into stalks of 1.5 inches long
a few leaves of cabbage
1 stalk of chili
400ml of water
about 400g of fish (I used a mixture of fish meat and bones to get the flavor)
1 tablespoon of assam water *see instructions below
1 tablespoon of Nasi Lemak chili (I’m refering to the bottled kind they sell at the local supermarket here)
0.5 teaspoon of chicken stock powder

1. Cut up all the vegetables.

2. Saute the chopped onions and garlic till fragrant

3. Add in the harder to cook vegetables, such as ladies finger, carrot, long beans, brinjal and fry till they are cooked and fragrant.

4. At the same time, steam your fish so that you won’t be overcooking them in the pot.

5. Add in the other vegetables and fry till fragrant.

6. Add in the Assam Fish Curry Paste

7. Fry it together with the veg for a bit and add in the water and let it simmer.

8. Add your steamed fish, chili, Nasi Lemak Chili, stock powder and let it simmer.

9. Add the assam water to taste. Once okay, cover the pot and give it some time for the curry to be infused into the veg and fish.

*Assam water means mixing some assam/tamarind with water. I really don’t know if they sell it fresh, but my mom uses it from a plastic pack..

Serve with rice, roti prata or bread. Bon appetit.

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