Huat Kuay

And so, I am home sick, but was craving for something sweet (for once in my life). I’m more of a savory person actually. Thought of eating the CNY goodie, Huat Kueh. Huat, meaning prosperity. Its more often seen during Chinese prayers on the 9th night of Chinese New Year. 

Here’s my 2nd attempt this morning, because during the first attempt the night before, I playfully added more coconut milk to my mixture, which was the big no-no. My kueh ended up looking more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Second attempt, doesn’t look too pretty, but really yummy. I really admire those people who can get it right the first time round, and to top it off, their product looks reallllllly good. 

Ahwell. Perhaps one day I’ll reach that stage!

That’s the Daiso 13cm round silicon tray. Probably the best investment so far. Can’t wait to get my hands on more of this!

Recipe adapted from mimibakertyhouse.

I cut my proportions by 5 so that it will fit nicely into my small tray.


(Yields about 12 regular cupcake size “Huat Kueh”)

50g gula melaka 
80g self raising flour
60ml coconut milk
20ml water

I was out of self raising flour, so I substituted with 80g regular flour, mixed with a pinch of double acting baking powder.


1. Sift the flour and baking powder.

2. Cut up the palm sugar (I used round Gula Melaka pieces) and place them in the food processor with a little bit of flour so that it won’t stick to the blades. (you can skip this step if you are using powdered gula melaka)

3. Mix the powdered sugar with the flour mixture

4. Mix coconut milk and water together.

5. Pour the coconut mixture into the flour mixture, mix until well combine

6. Pour all the batter into silicon tray. Dip your knife in some oil and a “X” on the batter

7. Steam for 15-20 minutes on high heat.

Bon appetit. 

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