Cooking Rice without Rice Cooker

Took several trips out of town, then there was house moving, then there was the notice that we were due to leave Shanghai for Busan………. Cue the crazy rush to order stuff from Taobao since stuff in Korea were significantly more expensive.

But here at our new place in Shanghai, there wasn’t a rice cooker. Will I need a rice cooker in Korea? How about we do it old school, over the stove. Let’s have a look.

Recipe from my mother.

half a cup of rice ( I mix a handful of red and black rice and filled the rest of the half cup with Jasmine white rice)using the same cup,
an equal amount of water (i.e. half a cup of water)


1. Measure however much rice you want, and take note of the measurement. (You don’t need any special measuring tools for this step. You could just use any cup or mug you have).

2. Wash the rice once, max twice.

3. Put the rice into a bowl, and cover with the water you are going to use to cook with. Let the rice soak for 15-20 minutes on the counter.

4. Put the bowl into a steamer, or a large pot/wok filled with some water. Would be good if you could elevate the bowl to make sure it doesn’t come into direct contact with the water. Turn the fire on to about medium high heat and let the rice steam for about 25minutes.

Once done, try to check for doneness.

You can leave the rice in the steamer or pot/wok until ready to consume. There you go, your steaming hot rice ready to go with your other dishes 🙂

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