Umeshu (Homemade Plum Wine)

This little pot has been going on since 13 June 2018. Was back home in Singapore for my Chinese visa, ended up at the Japanese supermarket in town and ume was in stock. So, here we go, my favourite drink. Umeshu a Japanese liqueur made by steeping fresh Japanese plum (ume) in shochu/white liquor and sugar.

Recipe adapted from justonecookbook.

1kg of green ume/plums
1.8 litre of Vodka, or shochu.
800g Rock Sugar Candy (those small cube kinds)
Distilled Spirits/Liquor – Shochu or Vodka, or any distilled liquor at least 35% ABV (alcohol by volume)
4 litre air tight glass jar


1. Rinse the jar thoroughly with soap and warm water and wipe with clean towel. (You may want to make sure your jar is heat resistant. I cracked a jar using hot water instead of warm water.

2. While the jar is still hot, pour boiling water and shake to clean and drain. (If your jar is not heat resistant, you can also use a clean towel and some vodka to sterilise the jar)

3. Air dry until completely dry.

4. Wash and dry the plums thoroughly.

5. Remove all the stem ends from the plums with a bamboo skewer or tooth pick. Discard the plums with any brown or blemished spots.

6. Measure the weight for rock sugar. I recommend the sugar amount to be between half weight of the plums (1.1 lb or 500 g) to equal weight (2.2 lb or 1 kg). If you like sweeter umesho, add a wee bit more sugar in.

7. In the clean jar, put the plums in a single layer. Then cover the plums with rock sugar.

8. Repeat the layers.

9. Add in the liquor into the jar.

10. Label with the date and let your jar of umesho sit. You can start drinking from 6 months onwards.

Sit back and wait for the seeping to be completed in approximately 6-12months 🙂

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