Pear and Red Date Soup

This was back when we just got to Shanghai, it was the end of Spring and the pears were REALLY cheap, like 5 for 2RMB kind of cheap. So, it’s time for some cooling drink!

Recipe adapted from Mrs P’s Kitchen.

5 pears
10 red dates, halved
2 tablespoons wolfberries
1.5 litres water
30 gram rock sugar/to taste


1. Cut up the pears and red dates

2. Pop them into a big pot, pour in the water and put it on boil until the pears turn soft, like marshmallow soft.

3. Drop in the rock sugar when you are about to serve, adjust the taste accordingly.

There you go, you can decide if you’d like to eat the pears or just discard them. Okay to be served chilled in the summer or warm when the weather is more chilly.

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