Black Hokkien Mee (经济米粉/ Economical Bee Hoon stall Noodle)

It’s been some time since we had the chance to dine at the economy bee hoon stalls in Singapore. This black hokkien mee is usually sold in the mornings for breakfast, paired with some processed fish fillet, eggs, fish cake, cabbage or fried luncheon meat.

The noodle was brought over from Singapore specially, and it was time to make use of it, before our move to Korea, or so we were told… (change in plans so we’re staying put for a while longer)

Recipe adapted from icancook.


500g yellow hokkien noodles
150g beansprouts
10g palm sugar
1 Tbsp dark sweet sauce
2 Tbsp Dark soy sauce
1 Tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp oil


1. Fry garlic in oil until garlic turns light brown

2. (You can skip step 2 if you have fresh yellow noodles.) Soak refrigerated yellow noodles in hot water for a minute to soften them. This is to prevent breakage when tossing in the wok later. Drain water and set aside.

3. Add in the noodles to the wok, stir in the sweet sauce and dark sauce. 

4. When the noodles are pretty evenly coated with sauce, add in the palm sugar (or regular sugar) and continue to mix them.

5. Add in the beansprouts and stir. 

You can eat it plain or for a lagi authentic economical stall noodle feel, you can pair them with fried eggs and pan fried luncheon meat. (Most readily available food stuff in most countries)

Bon appetit!

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