Housemoving/changing stations

Just got to South Korea less than a month ago, it’s been a crazy year (and it’s only March).


Time to wrap up all business in Shanghai, it didn’t look like they were going to extend our term there, for good reasons. It was time to say goodbye to the new friendships forged, get the movers to come pack up, say goodbye to the piano students and get the Korean visas in order. Time to say goodbye to Taobao.

The last of the taobao to Busan loots. Which resulted in….
34. boxes. Station 1, 34. Station 2, 50 boxes? Lol.

It’s an overdue move, we were supposed to be leaving in Oct, not Jan. This move was seemingly simple, but so many areas that we have to start again, from scratch. (holler when you see me, I’ll tell you why)

View of Century Ave (Pudong, Shanghai) from two of our bedrooms at night.

Second last day of Jan, we handed our keys to reception. Time for the next fella to enjoy the Century Avenue view.

Century Ave view at sundown


Officially out of Shanghai (means we have to get used to life without taobao, and at inflated prices with the middle men and all that), and headed back to Singapore for Chinese New Year (well, barely). We were only back for CNY reunion dinners.

CNY eve, we were off to Bangkok for a short getaway (mainly so that I could eat my fill of thai food before jetting to Korea, which I presume would be tougher to have access to Thai cuisine)

Day 1 of CNY in Bangkok’s Chinatown/Yaowarat. It was crazy packed, but all in good fun.

Got back just in time to pack our bags, get our stuff in order, a few gatherings with our friends and we were off to Seoul for about a week and a half.

Seoul Station, atop Seoullo, the life saving linkway that links Seoul Station to our hotel, which was absurdly on a hill. The lobby is about a 8 storey climb from Seoul Station. It is indeed Hill-ton..

And here we are, South Korea, specifially Busan! It was freezing when we got here, It is starting to get warmer, and looking forward to cherry blossom season! Heh

Haeundae Beach from our bedroom. Time for a new view in 13 days, when we move into our final accommodation!

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