Replanting Food Scraps – Cilantro / Coriander / Chinese Celery

This is a vegetable/herb with tons of uses, and tons of names. The name changes with the region you are in, but it is virtually sold in every country I’ve been to. It is probably the most versatile herb and really easy to repot from kitchen scraps.

Best to be used in Thai dishes, especially Tom Yum Soup, but it can be added to any dish. I use it a lot in my food, especially in soups. However the Asia mart that carries it is really really far, which is why I tried replanting my leftover scraps in hopes of saving me some trips to the Asian marts.

I tried to plant them from seeds before, with little success. They died after growing to 2 inches tall. This method, however, is more successful and yields more cilantro / coriander / Chinese Celery than before.


I cut the top portion for my dish, leaving about 3-4vinches of root and base to root /grow some leaves in water.

Add it into a small tub of water, covering the roots. Place your water bath + coriander scrap in the sun, in a few days, there will be new leaves forming.

When there are about 4 fresh leaves, transplant them into the soil. In about 2 weeks, you will have fresh new cilantro ready.

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