DIY Baby Crib Sheet Guide

When you have a little one on the way, you tend to do as much research as you can on what you need to prepare for its arrival. There is SO MUCH TO GET. If you are anything like me, you’d want to spend as little as possible, since the little one outgrows them so quickly.

I love to see pretty cribs. Who doesn’t.

BUT. Crib sheets were going at $15 per piece on all the online platforms I was surfing on. Thats insane, considering how little there is to do to turn a flat piece of fabric into a sheet. All you need is some measuring, a sewing machine, and you can turn those random fabric you’ve got lying around in the house into your baby’s new sheets.

For me, my rule of thumb in any sewing mission:


Once you lay your scissors on the fabric and snip away, it is a one way road. There is no turning back. There is no way you can sew it back again because the fabric will fray and it will never be the same again. So check check check and check your measurements carefully before you make that first snip!

Materials needed:

1. Fabric
2. Sewing machine
3. Measuring tape
4. Chalk/fabric pen/pencil
5. Elastic band (at least 0.5″ wide) / Fabric elastic clip
6. Iron
7. Big head pins

For the purpose of this tutorial, this is what I mean by mattress top and mattress side in the following images.

1. Get your measurements!

Get the measurements of your baby mattress. At the side of the mattress, there should be a slip sewn onto it with the measurements. If you do not have that, simply grab a measuring tape to measure.

My baby mattress measures 130cm by 70cm, with a height of 15cm. I will give it an allowance of about 5cm, so that it was easier for me to hem the edges at the end later. Amateur sewer here! So the cloth I needed was at least 170cm by 110cm.

2. Prepare your materials.

Prepare your fabric (by making sure you have sufficient amounts to complete this project) and lay it flat on the floor and get ready some crayons, chalk or fabric pen to mark out your measurements on the fabric itself. It will make sewing much much easier.

3. Marking your measurements!

Do a quick sketch of your own mattress and do the calculations.

Remember to double check your calculations, you don’t want to waste a good two yards or so of cloth because of a calculation error!

Mark these lines out on your fabric.

4. Sew the edges!

Get ready your sewing machine! You will be sewing the edges together now! Don’t worry about hemming them, that will come later.

Follow the colored dotted lines, pin them with safety pins or a big headed needle first and sew the edges together. This will hold the rough shape of your sheet so it fits nicely onto your mattress.

5. Hemming!

If you do not hem your fabric, likelihood of it fraying will be quite high and then you will have to redo your sheets all over again. As easy as sewing these sheets is, you don’t want to be doing them when you could be spending your time resting when your little one is napping.

Honestly, hemming was my nightmare in the past, I made a mess of it and I had to redo them several times. But I learnt that you should always pin them with a big head needle, iron the edges of the hemming, before you go back to the sewing machine.

This will make sure your hemming will not loosen itself and you get a hard time trying to make sure your lines are straight.

Make sure you don’t make the mistake of showing your hemming on the outside. Flip the sheet inside out and hide your hemming on the inside (i.e. the folds should be hidden on the inside of the sheet)


Congratulations, you are one step close to completing your sheets. Just like adult bedsheets, there is a likelihood that the sheets will move around when your little one moves around, or dislodge itself from the sides and it all comes undone.

You will want to attach elastic strips or elastic clips to the bottom of your sheets.

If you opt to sew elastic strips, you can either use the sewing machine or sew them by hand if your sewing machine cannot handle the thickness.

And there you go, your crib sheets are done. Mine cost less than $6!

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