DIY Toddler Toy Guide : Tying Shoe-lace

Though this is really a cheap toy to purchase online, if you are up for making it using recycled materials, this craft project is a nice distraction from the daily grind.

Materials you’ll need:

  • 3 small pieces of cardboard (at least 15cm x 9cm)
  • Belt punch
  • White glue
  • Shoelace (Doesn’t have to be brand new, you can grab some off your old sneakers)

** Metal eyelet, if you have them.
This is so that the toy can last a little longer. (The dimensions of my eyelets are:
– internal circumference of 5mm,
– external circumference of 8.5mm
– height of the eyelet is 3.5mm so the top layer cardboard piece should be around 3.5mm or less)


  1. Prepare your cardboard sheets, cut them into 3 oval shapes as below. I am using three to make sure that the toy lasts longer.

    The Cardboard can get pretty banged up/out of shape if it’s only a single layer!

The hollowed out centre will sit between the top and base cardboard sheet, which would allow you to put your shoelace through and sit in between comfortably.

2. Design your top sheet, the drawing I have is similar to the shoe I made.

3. Once you have the design of the top cardboard piece to resemble a shoe, using the belt punch, punch 6 holes where the shoelace eyelets are on your design.

You may want to place your cardboard on a hard surface instead of a soft one, if not you might tear the cardboard. I tried putting it on a cork surface but it tore (but it is nicely hidden when I hammered the metal eyelets in).

If you are afraid of painting over your metal eyelets (like I was), paint the centre portion (in my case, the red part) first before you hammer in your metal eyelets.

4. Once you have your shoelace eyelet holes cut out, glue the middle panel to your top panel before proceeding. This is to make sure you will not accidentally get glue on your shoelaces after lacing your cardboard shoe.

5. Lace your shoe.

6. Glue on the base panel.

By now, you should have your layers like this:

7. Paint the rest of the shoe your preferred colors, if you have not done so in the previous steps.

8. If you dislike the rough edges of the cardboard on the side of the shoe, you may cut a strip of paper and paste it around the entire shoe. My shoe was about 0.8cm thick but it really depends on the thickness of the cardboard you’ve got.

There you go, your homemade DIY toddler toy! I spent about 2h on mine, and like I said, I needed some time to do my crafts and it was a nice distraction for me.

Have fun!

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