Mee Rebus

It occurred to me it’s been some time since I last had Mee Rebus. There was sweet potato sitting in the container the whole two weeks I was away, so why not kill two birds with one stone.

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Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Traditionally, this dish is eaten to symbolise the reunion of the family. Typically taken on the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Lantern festival (more commonly known as mooncake festival now because of the consumption of mooncakes during this period) as well as Winter Solstice).

It is easy to make, and some would like fillings in them. I prefer them small and plain, so to taste the sweet soup better.

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Snowskin Mooncake with Sweet Potato Filling

A little overdue, with the house moving and all that, and I just realised I have not filed this in here. This recipe does not require shortening. In its place, you can add olive oil. For me, I was the genius who conveniently forgot to add any, so this was a very healthy mooncake. But […]

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